Our Demands

Our Right


All villagers displaced from Iqrit and their descendants live in Israel, mostly in Rame, Haifa and Kafr Yasif. All community members, old and young, firmly believe in the justice of their struggle and will never renounce their right to return to their home village and resume their community life as equal citizens in a democratic state. All community members have individual as well as collective rights to Iqrit lands and assets. Based on these inalienable rights, the former inhabitants of Iqrit demand:


Recognition by the Government of Israel of its moral and legal responsibility for the injustice suffered by the displaced persons of Iqrit

Return of all community members to their home village

Rebuilding Iqrit on its lands

Compensating the villagers for the demolition of their houses and the loss of their crops over the years

Revoking the administrative expropriation and closure orders

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